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Los Angeles


Five people discover happiness and self-identity when one of them faces the reality of marrying his long-time girlfriend and another starts a budding relationship with a lesbian.

Suffering a break-up and evaluating the relationship he and his estranged father share, Larry deliberates a career in the film industry amid doing re-shoots for a film he wrote. Sonny, the director, feels unsettled about marrying his girlfriend Mildred

for having never been intimate with anyone else. Noticing the recess, Mildred opts to take advice from a trio of divorcee’s, prompting her to fib to Sonny; withdrawing him even further. Albeit, Larry Strives to keep platonic relationships and

figure out his calling, a romance begins to bud between him and a barista named Larkin, which takes a turn for the worst after finding out she’s in a lesbian relationship.


As their film premier looms and with all of their relationships hanging in the balance, they must face the strongholds they’ve built for themselves if they’re going to find their self-identity and what truly makes them happy.

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