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Forest Scene


Quality's a town that facilitates DNA testing unbeknownst to the populous. The truth begins to unveil as townsfolk begin to die and a search for a missing youth ensues. They must be stopped before it’s too late but who’s in on it, what secrets do they share and who are the clones?

The town of Quality is a government experiment intergrading clones

amongst humans. Silas is the lead scientist behind the facility,

RAI, where they are extracting human DNA, making clones and

artificial intelligence. The Hayes family are the newest

transplants. Galdon is the sheriff, Connie is the local

veterinarian and Benji feels like an outcast. Chloe’, Kerion and

Stephen work at a restaurant called the Epicure and begin to

discover their town isn’t as dull as they once thought after their

ringleader, Calvin, goes missing.

Benji finds employment at the restaurant only to be fired for

overhearing vital information between the head-aching manager,

Stratton, and his father Silas. He then consults Willa, Calvin’s

pregnant girlfriend, who he’s kept a secret. The baby she’s

carrying, although not Calvin’s, just may be the key to unlocking

the future.

Finn is an aspiring model, Chloe’s former lover & Stephen’s rival.

He’ll start at the Epicure, but carry the burden of not doing

something meaningful. The triangles between the core group grow

and intertwine as they begin a search that leads them to divulge

the town’s sinister truth, why they’re there and who they can


Encumbrance is too be expected but a contingency is already in

place - an establishment known as “The Deed.” This is to elicit

the DNA from the citizens that refuse a mandatory vaccination. A

man known as TJ works as a custodian in hopes of proving to his

family his past is been put to bed. As Epicure employees dwindle,

he’ll become the newest addition and will aid them on their quest.

As the search commences, Kerion has been targeted by a “cop” and

fallen behind. Others begin developing symptoms of “Mad Cow

Disease” and are dying. Knowing that Galdon will be tough to

crack, Silas enacts an unnerving act of due diligence in the form

of a man once believed to be dead. Spilling blood and raving

conspiracy, he draws Galdon to the RAI facility, prompting a

secret to emerge never thought possible.

Leading the group through the forest, Benji notices a distress

signal believed to be from Calvin high in one of the pines.

Attempting to dismantle it, they find the RAI facility residing in

a meteor crater and soon understand they are being aided by a

pioneer outside of Quality known only as “Osmond.” Once Silas’

partner, now a guiding light to bring this secret out into the

open and stop the experimentation.

Upon breaching the facility, it’s evident that the RAI personnel

are under MK ULTRA and others are robots which are TV

personalities & politicians reporting fictional news to the

residents of Quality; keeping them in a beta state. Finn and

Stephen burry the hatchet and come together in broadcasting over

the airwaves the true nature of the town.

Stratton lashes out at his father after understanding the cause of

his headaches. Galdon has a showdown with Silas, just before he

transfers his consciousness into another surrogate. RAI personnel

have targeted Willa, causing her to get into a wreck. Osmond comes

to her rescue and delivers her baby - the key to a stabilized

hybrid DNA. By his sailboat, Kerion brings the gang back to

safety, but is it really safe?

The lives and vocations of the community are entwined in

unforeseen ways that inevitably yield a bond deeper than a

township. RAI was only the front for a pharmaceutical corporation

known by the acronym E.V.A.D.H - evolutionary advances in distinct

hybridization. They’re holding Calvin ransom and really the ones

behind the curtains with a far more malevolent agenda stretching

beyond the experiment known as Quality. They’re engineering

chimera by cultivating and extracting Nephilim DNA in order to

infuse mankind with the fallen angels.


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