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A faith assaulting author realizes the calling on his life when he steps into a leadership role, bringing many to Christ, after joining a clandestine group of believers

during the biblical end of days.

Zachariah, a now unsuccessful writer, has placed a grievance on

God for the loss of his son while the world around him emotionally

and physically crumbles and the Antichrist has taken office. The

NWO and the mark of the beast have been enforced and anyone not

baring the mark can’t buy, sell or trade and are imprisoned or

killed. By an amazing act of God, Zach sidestepped the mark and

has wound up in a clandestine camp of Christians.

Attraction stirs between him and the evangelical leader,

Evangeline, as she helps him recognize the biblical end of days

and a relationship forms between him and God. With this newly

found inspiration, he decides to write a publication dedicated to

waking up the church and bringing the unsaved to Christ. At the

same time Caleb, the cofounder of the camp, is brimming with

jealousy and feels replaced by Zach.

Supplies begin to dwindle and in a last effort to assure his chief

role and casting faith aside, Caleb provides provisions at the

cost of receiving the mark, which in turn drives the armed forces

to their hideout. You can say you’re willing to die for Christ but

when faced with that option, what will you decide? His love, His

promise, His revelation. Maranatha

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