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A young man, stifled by regret, returns to his city unable to move

forward in his life. By bonding with a grieving elderly man, he

understands the importance of faith and forgiving his own absent

father. But the bond they share is far greater than the

bereavement of a father son relationship.

Nico was on the verge of a successful writing career but one

drunken night changed everything. Now back from his sabbatical, he

stays with longtime friend, Kana. She offers advice which sets him

in motion to come clean to Bobbie, who was affected by the

accident. Before he can do so, a bond forms between them.

Nico’s father, Tommy, has been released from prison and longs

for a relationship with him but is dying of cancer. While

frequenting Dr. Darlene for his treatment, a romance buds between

them, as they both share one commonality - Her daughter, Bonnie,

has run away from home and now lives on the streets. In between

Tommy’s parole meetings and serendipitous encounters with a former

boss of his, he finds Bonnie unconscious in an alley and cares for

her how he wishes he could care for his own son.

For the first time since the accident, Nico’s guard’s let down,

allowing for a romantic interest with Kana as well as a father son

relationship with Bobbie. Everything comes to a denouement once

Nico finally tells Bobbie the truth. A long absence between them

occurs which gives Nico the insight to find his faith and forgive

his own father. Kana announces she’s pregnant through a drawing

encouraged by Nico, but as happy as he is, he can’t shake his

hollow heart from the hiatus from Bobbie. He then writes a story

that Bobbie sought to start but never finished.

Having now rekindled with his son and in a relationship with

Darlene, Tommy’s bamboozled into one last job which could get him

killed or sent back to prison. Bonnie’s turned her life around and

Nico’s finished his book. He meets Bobbie for the last time,

accrediting his faith to him and receiving his forgiveness.

The day of Tommy’s surgery, he and Nico hug for the first time

and secure the relationship they never had, but is it too late?

The answer comes one year later after Kana’s given birth to

their baby, Nico visits a grave and Bonnie and Darlene help clean

out Tommy’s house. All concludes through the elderly wise verse

Bobbie wrote in his book attempt: I’ll love you until love dies,

then I’ll create love just to love you again.

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