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COFFEE TIME - LOGO - It's Coffee Time.jpg


A stolen cooler leads pot-smoking knuckle heads to the biggest bash of the year, expanding their three-person posse once they meet two guys hellbent on rekindling a couple of one-night stands, one of which may be pregnant.

Carey, Clint and Steven are three overly confident knuckleheads that think

they have it all, running a restaurant and smoking pot all day, until they

realize they don't have any other friends.


While expanding their friend group is not at the top of their mind, Chase and

Cole are more concerned about the ones who got away and how to get them

back. A sarcastic tell-it-asit-is dame named xana is one of those foxies with

more to tell than just her memory of that particular one-nighter.

Through the course of a day they experience, sex, drugs beer, theft and better

yet closure as they attend the biggest bash of the year. If that's not enough,

you know as well as I, any news is easier to take under a social lubricant. Our

friends just say, “Coffee Time.”

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