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Doorway Light


A psychological thriller taking place in the last 8 minutes of a retired detective’s memory as he’s

called back to work after a string of homicides name him suspect, present new evidence of his

murdered wife and is set up to appear like he’s framing his love interest.

Ethan pollard was the cities leading detective but retired

hisbadge after his wife was murdered. Paula is a dainty

aspiring stage actress who longs for love and works at a

restaurant Ethan frequents.

After Paula and Ethan meet and are unsure how to handle their

newattraction for one another, murders erupt around the

city calling him back to the force while naming him, Paula and

her friends suspects.

Ethan is faced with reality upon discovering his former

partnerDwight has set the evidence to appear as if Ethan is

responsible forthe murders to avenge his wife while trying to

frame Paula and herfriends.

The real twist commences once unveiled that Ethan has beenshot and

is reliving his past in the last eight minutes of his

brainactivity before he dies. “It's been said, "there's eight

minutes of brain activity after the body has died, where we go

from there nobody really knows."

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