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A suicidal man is taken on a time-traveling journey of

self-discovery by God and Satan, forcing him to come to

terms with his faults and enabling him to mend the wounds

he’s left in his tracks.

In the past, Jonas was career driven with many friends

along with a supportive girlfriend named Birdie. While

striving to be a poet, he made ends meet working at a

restaurant and subsequently pushed everyone one he cared

for away. Now alone with a head full of regret and

appearing to be nowhere closer to his dream, he thinks

making a deal with the Devil sounds appealing but realizes

if God doesn’t exist, how can he?

He continues his normal nighty routine of binge drinking

and cycling through past memories, only this night he

drunkenly cries out to God and trashes his house; feeling

more alone than ever. The next morning he hangs himself in

his backyard only to wake in his bed confused and nursing

a hangover.

In the present no one recognizes him. Upon going to a

local bar, the place goes silent, where he meets Satan.

There he finds that one of his poems was published in a

magazine and he’s now a famous writer. Awestruck with his

new life, he tries to call Birdie but gets an unfamiliar

voice to a place called Jaybird Coffee.

It’s there that he meets with Jay Mac on several

occasions, who is himself in the future. He unveils the

keys to having a prosperous life. Jonas tries to rekindle

the relationship between him and Birdie but it appears

it’s too late, as she’s married and her husband isn’t

around, or is he?

Disheartened, Jonas finds himself with a pianist who

explains patience. He then visits Candor Magazine where he

receives a hefty check. Bill, the publicist, tells him he

must resign his contract after he belittles Sady, who

feels a lot like Jonas once did. All the while in this

state of limbo, he realizes he can alter the past and

rewrite his future.

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