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Snow Capped Mountains

Hayden A. Bownds

         Screenwriter & Author
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Hayden is a Texas native and came to Los Angeles in 2018 following a career in screenwriting. He is drawn to characters that uncover truths, stand firm in their morals and beliefs and rise above emotional or physical strongholds in total reckless abandon. He’s a sucker for drama and loves meeting new people, cultures and overcoming hardships. He loves the real world,that’s what he likes to watch, that’s what he likes to write and that’s where he likes to live. He’s always looking for the next story to craft, message to apprise and emotions to evoke through candor and truth.

Hayden is also the co-founder of Nomad Brewing.


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I'm fast, reliable, affordable and willing to work on whatever your project needs.

I predominately write drama, faith, and thriller

but dabble in all genres.

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